Rivendell Pacific Group Ltd. has reliable resources of funds for financing projects worldwide. Our financiers provide loans, and in some case participate in equity financing for viable projects in agricultural, manufacturing, mining, real estate and infrastructure sectors.

Minimum loan amount: USD 10 million
Maximum loan amount: USD 500+ million
Loan term:  3 to 15 years
Interest:  4% to 6.75% depending on the project, the current LIBOR and location
LTV: 80% – 95% (the rest of the capital is provided by the project owner)

In order to initiate the process, the project owner must have a business plan or feasibility study to international standards in English in accordance to the Business Plan Template provided here as a guideline. The business-618371__180project owner with the assistance of Rivendell Pacific Group Ltd. should complete the Project Information Sheet in detail, also In English. The Project Information Sheet may be downloaded here.

Should the project pass the preliminary analysis, the lender will issue a loan offer subject to certain conditions. If the project owner accepts the offer, the lender will arrange for his team to carry out a due diligence of the project on site. There is cost involved for the project owner for the due diligence. If the facts and figures check out like in the business plan or feasibility study, the lender will make a firm offer for the funding.

Rivendell Pacific Group Ltd. will coordinate and liaison between the project owner and the lender and will assist and advise the project owner during contract negotiations until final acceptance or conclusion. Rivendell Pacific Group Ltd., normally charges a success fee based on the loan amount which is paid by the project owner as and when funds are released. A contractual arrangement shall be made between Rivendell Pacific Group Ltd. and the project owner before commencement. There is no up-front fee, but the project owner will be required to have a representative from Rivendell Pacific Group Ltd. at his expense during the due diligence and the final signing of the loan contract between the project owner and the lender.

mark-516278__180A Project Finance Flow Chart illustrating a detailed step-by-step procedure can be downloaded here.

Too often, project owners seeking loans do not or cannot qualify for a project loan for one of the following reasons:

  • They lack a professionally prepared business plan or feasibility study
  • They have little or no money to cover the cost of capital (loan) and the due diligence costs
  • They cannot put up any equity into the project
  • They do not have adequate collateral like land and fixed assets belonging to the project

Qualified project owners may contact Rivendell Pacific Group Ltd. directly by email at or use the Contact Form provided here.

Disclaimer: Rivendell Pacific Group Ltd. makes no guarantee for project financing, or offers any kind of guarantee. The success of financing depends on many factors beyond our control.