provides a wide range of professional services for business owners in virtually all industries and service sectors. The principal services are as follows:

  1. Consulting, market research and procurement
  2. Assisting the clients in realizing their projects and business expansion programs in China
  3. Facilitating foreign companies in entering the China market
  4. Arranging financing for viable projects worldwide

Details of our services are given below.

Business Consulting

We provide complete business consulting services to foreign companies wishing to operate in the China market such as:

  1. Setting up Hong Kong and Chinese companies
  2. Preparing business plans or feasibility studies
  3. Carrying out due diligence services on companies
  4. International patent applications and trademark registration
  5. Resolving IP disputes in China
  6. Translation



Project Management

We can assist you in setting up your factory in China by providing the following services:

  1. Bidding process
  2. Basic engineering drawings and layouts
  3. Contractual documents
  4. Project management during construction
  5. Planning and cost control


We have prepared market survey on many industrial and service sectors in China. Our reports covered topics from Aerospace Industry to Wine. We can prepare a market survey or marketing report in your sector covering the market situation, the competition, pricing and strategies.



Procurement Services

 We provide the following services to manage your orders in China:

  1. Source suppliers and manufacturers
  2. Audit factories and companies
  3. Make inspections during production and packing
  4. Act as buying agent for the client
  5. Prepare sales/purchase contracts between buyer and seller
  6. Make quality control inspections
  7. Arrange the shipment to your country